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“Ahmed is an amazing professional leader who had conceived of this very interesting and rich course. I have personally attended this and found it very helpful personally. Undoubtedly one of the best training sessions I have ever attended. This is a training you want to attend again because it offers so much to learn. Ahmed, inspires and empowers throughout the session and beyond. Mind-opening and liberating experience. Just the right content and tools to line up your personal financial plan in order so you can focus on what you love to do.”

Procter & Gamble

Vinay Ahuja, Director,

Personal Finance 101 is an insightful course for beginners and seasoned investors alike. Ahmed will give you a fresh perspective on how to manage your personal finances, offering a framework that can be tailored to your age, goals, current portfolio, and risk aversion. The course is the beginning of journey to greater financial success, and in Ahmed is an approachable trainer you can count on for guidance. Since attending PF101, I have adopted a solid foundation to manage my portfolio, and a life coach in Ahmed. You are sure to love it!

 waleed Yousef

Legal Counsel- Procter & Gamble

Arabian Peninsula – Dubai

Waleed Yousef

“Inspiring, very well structured, easy to follow and most importantly provoking! The course takes you out of your comfort zone of thinking only short term future and sets you for your dreams¨Totally worth the time. Go as couple of to benefit and execute fast!

middle east africa fabric

Middle East Africa Fabric care Supply Chain Manager, Procter & Gamble Geneva

Seda Kahraman

“I had the great opportunity to attend this inspiring training. It makes you experience and believe that you can make a lot by right resources management and planning. Definitely changed my approach to managing my resources on daily basis!”

Taymoor elelmissany

BabyCare IMEA Business Planning Manager

Taymoor Eltelmissany

“Absolutely love the course, really inspired me to take things into my own hands. This maybe the best thing that I got of my internship from P&G”

Consumer Market Knowledge Intern, Geneva

Shobhna Kondepudi

“The first time I attend a training and I wished that the day never ends “

Europe/IMEA Initiative Leader, Geneva

Ersel Kulahci

“Pls book me in that course, I don’t know what you tell the trainees that makes them so happy and energetic. “

HR Manager P&G, Mars – Dubai

Ahmed Bagatada

“Inspiring , well balanced , provoking , very relevant , action oriented, very well prepared, very engaging and energizing  ….are just a few thoughts still on my mind after the session on Monday !!

I am taking actions , for sure ! and this is already a great step forward for me.”

Home care Business Planning Manger Europe/IMEA, Geneva

Carla Mailander

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